Montecatini Terme


The Garden City, with its magnificent parks, the charming village, the trendy bars and palaces that still remind you of distant history and memories, offers a holiday of wellness, culture and relaxation.

A rejuvenating stay or a day at the spa, a vacation to devote yourself to the family or fun: whatever the path you choose to come and visit us, we are sure you will love the atmosphere a little out of time city.

Water Features:

The waters of Montecatini belong to the salso-sulphate group, being predominantly made up of Na and Mg chlorides and sulphates. They also contain J, Br, Li, Ca, K, Si, Phosphate and Sulfur.

The waters used for hydropynic therapy are divided into:

* Strong acids: Leopoldin (180 ° C: 21g / l)
* Medium waters: Queen (17-18 g / l)
* Weak Waters: Refreshment and Tattoo (4.9-7.5 g / l)

The waters used for baths, sludges, showers, whirlpools, inhalations are:

* Leopoldin (weak sulfur: 21 g / l)
* Refreshment (r.f. 4.9 g / l)

Sesana Hippodrome

The racecourse is located southwest of the city and has an area of ​​over 165,000 square meters, of which 16,800 square meters are reserved for the public and 22,000 square meters for racing and training tracks. The 804.5 meters long runway, one meter from the inner rope, has a maximum width of 20 meters in the straight line and a minimum of 17.30 in the "Borra stream" curve and is equipped with open stretch, Or preferential lane, in the right direction.

The training track, 600 meters long, one meter from the inner rope, is located in the same area as the racing track.

The stables sector includes 468 boxes, saddlery, barns, mascalcie, a covered exercise bench, a veterinary clinic with analytical laboratory, several isolation boxes, accommodation and staff services, canteen, restaurant bar and private parking. The public has a fenced area accommodating 9600 spectators with a grandstand covered by 1,600 seats, an indoor parking lot with 1500 parking spaces, a restaurant, self-service, 3 bars and a playground.

Funicular to Montecatini Alto

The funicular, created in 1898 and composed of two carriages, Gigio & Gigia, is the oldest in the world in operation and allows to reach, through a breathtaking climb, the ancient heart of Montecatini.

It travels 1,050 meters above a 202-meter altitude, which in the steeper, steeper section reaches a slope of 38.50%.

The two red lighted cars (one salt, the other down) cover the route between the Montecatini Terme and Montecatini Alto stations in about 10 minutes.

A miracle of the passage of time that allows today's passengers to recover the pleasure of a "slow", natural and beautiful journey. Source: APT Montecatini